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The Milwaukee Brewers traded for Baltimore Orioles second baseman Jonathan Schoop at the Trade Deadline, but have rarely played him; some of us are wondering why?
It was interesting to see the Milwaukee Brewers trade for Baltimore Orioles second baseman Jonathan Schoop when they already had a logjam at the position. It didn’t really make sense, but the Brewers were in a pennant race so they wanted to make the roster the best it could be heading in the playoffs.

Schoop has hardly played and when he has played, he’s struggled. He also struggled early in the 2018 season with the Orioles, but got hot and was putting up really good numbers after Manny Machado was traded.

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Jonathan Schoop is a streaky hitter that needs consistent at-bats in order for him to succeed and he’s not being utilized to his fullest potential in Milwaukee. He only appeared in 46 games after being traded from the Orioles. He’s played in three games in the playoffs with only seven at-bats with zero hits to his name.


I’m curious to see if upper management got Craig Counsell‘s approval for the trade before it happened because it sure seems like he’s not interested in Jonathan Schoop at all. Oriole fans are well aware of Schoop’s ability and how well he plays when healthy and getting regular at-bats.

Even Hernan Perez is getting more plate appearances then Schoop and he’s supposedly third on the depth chart. I’d love to be able to ask Craig Counsell why.

Maybe Schoop will be the starting second baseman in Milwaukee in 2019, but at the moment he will need to put up really good numbers in Spring Training for that to happen.

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It’s a shame because the Baltimore Orioles could’ve had a cornerstone at second base for the next decade if they offered Jonathan Schoop an extension.